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Use Data-Fueled Radar Speed Displays for Optimal Traffic Calming



Combine today's radar speed displays with web enablement and remote data collection and you have "the Superman of traffic safety"—calming traffic, protecting citizens and saving lives.

Not taking the time to learn how to position and test your device correctly is like giving Kryptonite to Superman—an invitation to trouble.


This white paper includes best practices to:

  • Use your radar speed display to easily gather baseline data for traffic studies and other reports
  • Ensure your radar speed display is always visible and properly angled at approaching vehicles
  • Avoid inaccurate readings that could result in drivers not trusting your sign
  • Utilize your traffic data for reporting and proactive decision making

If your organization owns or is thinking of purchasing a web-enabled radar speed display, download this white paper so you get the most out of your important traffic safety investment.